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Roberto Jiménez
has opened his heart to share his life story.

This book is the result of his continuing
journey of self-belief, self-love, and self-growth.

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About Author

As a child, Robert Jimenez was shamed for being “too different”; as a teenager, he was told to keep quiet because he was “too creative”; as an adult…? Well, he was just plain ignored. But despite this, Jimenez has never stopped believing in the most important person: himself.


However much the world weighed down on him, Jimenez never gave up on himself; he never dropped his willingness to listen to his heart, to learn, and to grow. Now, he has channeled his years of self-belief into an inspirational book: My Life in Colors: Embrace the Rainbow.


Jimenez’s goal is to motivate people, especially young people, to listen to their hearts, have faith in themselves, and become their most prominent advocates. His book takes readers on a liberating journey toward self-kindness through hard work, resilience, and self-knowledge.




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